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Integra Global gives you freedom of choice, with our plans you are free to choose any hospital or doctor you want. We work with all hospitals, doctors, clinics, and laboratories as long as they are properly licensed and qualified to treat the condition. We treat all hospitals the same and work with all of them worldwide.

Integra Global does provide members a Direct Billing Network in a number of countries.  Access is arranged via our third party administrators, Medical Administrators International, subject to prior approval and they will issue a Guarantee of Payment to the provider.

After submitting a claim, reimbursements can be expected within seven to ten days through a bank transfer.

Enroling in an Integra Global health plan is very easy and can be accomplished in just a few minutes using our online enrolment. Please select the Enrol tab in our website to complete an online enrolment form. You will automatically receive email confirmation of enrolment. Usually acceptance is within 24-48 hours and thereafter we invoice you. Once the invoice is paid your cover is in place. You will receive from us both digital copies (pdf) and hard document welcome packet of your Policy Documents and Member ID Cards.

For Group Plans we offer 3 forms of Underwriting: Full Medical Underwriting (please see above for our pre-ex policy); Transfer of an Existing Group Plan where we take on medical conditions on a no worse terms basis; and Medical History Disregarded (MHD) where we accept pre-existing conditions with no separate limitations. MHD is only available for groups with 10 or more insured.

Deductible - This is the amount that you are required to pay before your benefits kick in. The deductible is applicable to the annual year of your policy, not to each claim, so once its paid that’s all for the rest of the policy year.

**Note: Some of our cover is actually exempt from the deductible (such as Wellness and Vision Care Benefits), giving you even more value for your money.

Co-pay - After the Deductible is met we will pay the percentage level specified in the Schedule of Benefits. Most benefits are covered at 100%. Our plans cover a few benefits at 90%, with the member covering the remaining 10%. The 10% the member covers is called the co-pay.

Out of Pocket Maximum - The Out-of-Pocket Maximum improves your benefits by limiting the portion of co-pay you would have to pay in any policy year.The insured member has the peace of mind that his covered total medical expenses after the annual deductible will never exceed $1,000 individual / $3,000 family in any plan year.

The family deductible is a shared deductible. This means that instead of every family member having to satisfy an individual deductible your family has to satisfy just one deductible as a whole. The Family deductible enables your entire family quicker access to their benefits.

All hospital stays (inpatient), outpatient surgery, medical transportation (except for local emergency transportation) or any medical procedure over $500 must be pre-authorised.

The Direct Billing Network is provided to you for your convenience but you are not restricted to use the in-network providers only. You can choose any recognised healthcare provider who is not part of the Direct Billing Network, and pay for the treatment initially yourself, then submit a claim to us for reimbursement of the eligible charges.

Please note that when going outside the PPO Network in the United States (out-of-network) your benefits are different than when utilising the PPO Network (in-network).

We offer two geographic cover options:

- Cover 1:  Worldwide coverage including the US and Canada

- Cover 2:  Worldwide coverage excluding the US and Canada

Because medical costs are higher in the United States and Canada we offer two geographic coverage options so that members who do not need coverage in the US and Canada do not have to pay extra for it.

All of the Integra Global policies are annual policies. Having said this, we do offer annual, semi-annual and quarterly payment methods.

Please select the “Quote Online” button in the toolbar menu. Our online quotes are on your screen in an instant. And you can compare the different benefits of the plans immediately. You can even enrol online from your quote results page.

After the invoice has been paid, you will receive an email with a soft copies of your policy documents and if applicable a direct billing list. Next, your Welcome Packet will be mailed out, which includes the Integra Global ID card, direct billing card (if applicable), policy documentation and claim forms.

Yes, there is a 12 month waiting period for Maternity Benefits on our plans with Maternity. Maternity benefits include prenatal care, normal delivery or Caesarean section, complications of pregnancy, routine nursery (as any other treatment including room and board), physician charges and circumcision for males prior to discharge up to the limit specified in the Schedule of Benefits.

For Group Plans with Maternity Benefits, an optional waiver of Maternity Benefits waiting period can be arranged for a surcharge.

We are reachable via telephone or email. You can even arrange an appointment where we call you back at a pre-arranged time.

We are only able to offer global medical insurance to people who spend majority of their time outside of their home country.

We therefore require you to provide your main country of assignment. If you are moving country regularly you can give us the country you are travelling to first or the country where you intend to stay the longest within your insured period. 

Your plan will cover you worldwide depending on the region you have chosen (including or excluding the USA and Canada). Please contact us if you need to change your cover region.

If you are a digital nomad and require International Health Insurance please call us we are happy to answer any questions you have about your travels and the comprehensive medical cover we can provide for you.