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Member testimonials

Read why our members around the world trust Integra Global with their health:

Bob in Indonesia
"As an expat who frequently travels all over the world, I have relied on Integra Global for about 15 years to provide my worldwide health insurance needs. In every respect I have always been extremely pleased with them. Their premiums are reasonable, their coverage is extensive, my claims have always been processed quickly and efficiently, and most importantly their home office is always there, if needed, to provide excellent support. I take no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Integra Global to others in similar circumstances!"

Juliet in Ethiopia
“I would like to thank everyone at Integra Global for the level of service I have experienced over the past year of insurance. The excellent, reliable and swift customer service, the flexibility and understanding of the underwriting department, and the overall professionalism and willingness to help over the past twelve months have certainly made renewing my policy with Integra Global a very easy choice.”

Stacey in Jamaica
“Dealing with Integra has been a pleasure so far, very professional, polite, and willing to listen. Feel great having a company that you can talk too logically instead of trying to hide health issues because they want to just save dollars. They seem to see the bigger picture. It's been a great adjustment.”

Cesar in Hungary
“I have been with Integra Global for more than 13 years. During this time, we had two beautiful daughters, which all medical coverage was paid and the processing of the claims was very easy and payments were quick and we were notified by email during the whole process. At the doctor’s office all we had to do was make the co–pay and everything else was done automatically. It was really easy and simple to use our insurance.”

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